The MEX1-BW6-016 is a motor driven gear pump.

Output: 0.1 Liters per minute

Max Pressure: 20 kgf/cm2 (2.0 MPa)

Motor: 200/220V, 50/60Hz

Float Switch: 1c (when the oil level is going down, contact 6-7 if the terminal close).

Pressure Switch: 1a (when the pressure rise, contact 9-10 of the terminal close).

Pressure Guage : 0~40 Bar (0~40 kgf/cm2)

Replacement Parts:

  • Gear Pump Assy
  • Motor
  • Pressure Relief Valve
  • Pressure Regulating Valve
  • Pressure Switch
  • Float Switch
  • Reservoir
  • Pressure Gauge

Repair Kit (Includes):

  • Gear Pump Assy, Pressure Switch, Regulating Valve and Relief Valve, Kit P/N - VOG- 064-62


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